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Repeat Prescription Collection and Delivery

We provide a completely FREE NHS repeat prescription collection & delivery service to all our patients. Simply fill in and send the form below or call us.


We participate in the NHS electronic prescription service and we can receive your prescription from any doctor's surgery in the UK. We will then dispense your prescription and deliver it to you FREE OF CHARGE. 

more than just a click.. 

We can receive your prescription electronically

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Re - ordering your repeat prescription

Nominate Larvic Pharmacy (Milton Street or Wednesbury Road) to receive your electronic prescriptions. 

GP creates prescription and sends it to your nominated Larvic branch.


Our pharmacy staff will check and will prepare your medication for collection or delivery, 

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Struggling to manage your medicines?

We can even manage your repeat prescriptions for you with our 'Automatic' or 'Advanced' prescription ordering services. This means that you don't have to worry about ordering your repeat prescription on time or running out of medicines. 

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Our team can organise your medicines in easy to use weekly trays to help you remember to take all your medicines safely and on time.

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